Jul 28, 2010

Win the Yahoo! Style Guide on Associated Content

Join Associated Content

If you publish on Associated Content, check your assignment desk for a chance to win the new print version of The Yahoo! Style Guide.  The online version of the guide is a valuable tool covering web-writing and SEO, but the print version is much more in-depth and should be a standard reference tool in all of our libraries.

To enter the contest, write an article about one of the lessons in the online guide and you could be one of the 15 Contributors selected to win the hard-copy book.  At contest end, winners’ articles will be promoted on the official AC blog, Facebook page and tweeted on Twitter.

Even if you don’t plan on entering the contest, take a few minutes to look over the online guide.  It’s well written in a concise, easy to digest manner without $50 words or a lot of fluff.  I was impressed enough that I’m eager to purchase the print version, but will wait for the outcome of the contest.

I’ve already submitted my entry and I’m ready to win - will you be my competition?

P.S. If you want to purchase The Yahoo! Style Guide, look for the Amazon widget in the right sidebar --->

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