Dec 30, 2010

Writers Helping Writers

The freelance writing community got the news yesterday that Rissa Watkins, a writer in our circle of freelance friends, was diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia. Rissa and her family have a long and hard battle ahead of them, and many of us are showing our support through prayers, donations, articles written about the disease, etc.

Rissa's battle will be tough enough as she goes through treatments for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but she'll be faced with a battle on the financial front as well. With two days left in the year, she'll be looking at large out of pocket expenses in 2011 before insurance deductibles are met. Adding to that is the surety that she'll not be writing much, as her focus will of course be on maintaining her health, strength and positivity.

Reading Rissa's articles will help keep the residual income pennies flowing in and doesn't cost you anything but a moment or two of your time. I've personally committed to donating my entire performance bonus for the month of December to Rissa, and you can help me help her by reading any of my articles here. I'm up to $181.24 as of this morning, and I'd love to reach the $200 mark in the next two days, but I can't do it without your help. Please don't click just to pad the numbers; glance through the titles and see what may be of interest, and share the links with your friends.

Rissa and the entire freelance writing community thanks you.

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