Mar 17, 2011

The Citizen Herald - Gone Almost Before It Got Started

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski

When I posted about the Citizen Herald earlier, I wondered if the site would last long.  I thought the site layout too busy and wasn't too keen on the revenue share setup to pay contributors.  Michael McGimpsey had great aspirations, but it looks like he didn't have what it took to compete with the big dogs in the online publishing world.

A fellow freelance writer who also publishes on YCN (Yahoo Contributor Network, formerly known as Associated Content) signed up, was accepted and wrote a few articles for them and was waiting to see if she'd get paid next month.  It's my guess that she won't.

The Citizen Herald went live on February 1, 2011 and the site is already down and the domain name is for sale.  The aforementioned writer attempted to make contact over several days via email and has received no response.  She sent messages to the Twitter account associated with the site and that has since been deleted as well.

The Citizen Herald is dead.


  1. It seems a shame that yet another writing site had to disappear and so quickly, but the truth is that it is really hard to compete with the big dogs as you rightly said.

    It's the same with Fortitude, which I saw as a bright spark last year, and that too although still alive, is barely holding on by the look of it.

    The best options seem to be to either write for one or more of the better paying sites, or to try to create blogs of your own and to make them work.

    There is a third option as well, and that is to combine with fellow writers on a blog. The more articles that are written, the better the exposure and traffic (hopefully), and therefore more success (with luck).

  2. Man I am so glad that I did not write any content for them. I was accepted to write for them, but never did. Was looking to do a piece for them today and seen that they were no where around to be found.