Mar 23, 2011

Sassy Ashe Set to Launch All the Write Tips

Freelance writer Sassy Ashe is busy preparing to debut her new site, All the Write Tips, on April 1, 2011. I chatted with Sassy to get the inside scoop of what we can expect to learn from keeping an eye on ATWT and following her related blog.

MA: Sassy, how long have you been freelance writing, and how much of your writing career has been online?

Sassy: I have been freelancing for about 2 ½ years; I started on YCN (Yahoo! Contributor Network, formerly known as Associated Content) in October of 2008. Initially my goal was just to earn some extra money, and instead it has turned into my full time career. I contribute to several different online sites as well as online clients. I am not a print writer and literally make my living online. The balance between paying sites and clients varies each week, but for the most part, my main income is from clients. I use the sites for back-up income and to build my residual income as well as to build my brand and my name online.

MA: How did you get your feet wet in freelance writing? Did you have a mentor?

Sassy: I found out that I could earn money writing online when I was searching for something to earn extra money. I stumbled across an article that detailed the top 5 non-scam sites to write for (at that time) and Associated Content was #1 on the list so I jumped in headfirst. I submitted my first article and earned a whopping $3.86 and was so excited!

I have to say that via the AC forum I had several mentors; there were so many people that I learned from and found other opportunities through. Lyn Lomasi, Lisa Mason, Rose Kitchen, Randy Barefoot, Angie Mohr and Michelle Devon are just a few of the wonderful writers that I learned from. I could list many more because as time has passed and I’ve met more and more writers, I have found that I learn from all of my writer friends.

MA: Tell me about All the Write Tips. How will your blog differ from the website itself?

Sassy: ATWT is a project that I’ve been working on in the background for several months now. I want the website combined with the blog and the radio show to be the ultimate resource for all content writers. The blog will lead readers to specific areas of the website such as Blogging or Promotion and will provide links to not only resources on the ATWT site but also any others that I feel will be valuable to writers. The ATWT radio show will also be related to the site and blog; the goal with the show is more to direct beginners to the resources they will need to grow their careers but there will also be helpful information for experienced writers. The best thing about this project is that once the site launches on April 1, the blog and radio show will be available from one central location; the ATWT website.

MA: If you had one piece of advice to offer the new or established freelance writer, what would it be?

Sassy: “Learn something every day, and never assume that you know all there is to know about your career, there is always room to grow and expand as well as improve your skills to be a better writer.” And “Don’t compare your career to other writers, each person’s definition of success is different and so are their goals, you have to “Do you”!

MA: Sassy, thanks for chatting with me today. I’m already subscribed to your blog and excited about the rest of the site launch and wish you much success.

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