Apr 25, 2011

Unforgettable U

We're down to the wire with the last few days of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and it's getting tougher the closer we get to the end of the month. The number of words starting with the six letters from U to Z are dismal compared to the rest of the alphabet, but we've come this far, so press on we must.

So what to write about for U?  U .. Unforgettable U.

Unforgettable Rose
Are U unforgettable?  I'm sure you are to a lot of people, but what about your writing?  Whatever you write - be it blog post, article, or query letter - make it unforgettable.  Put a piece of yourself into it and make it unmistakably U.  Would someone reading your work know that it's yours without benefit of a byline?

Make it happen.  Make it unforgettable.  Make it U.

I'm taking the A-Z Blogging Challenge, where I will post something from each letter of the alphabet on the corresponding day in April, except for Sunday, on (hopefully) all four of my blogs.  You can see my other blogs in the sidebar - More of Marie Anne.


  1. My paranoia is that I may be unforgettably awful...lol. We can't please everyone.

  2. What horrendous advice!!!

    There. Will that be unforgettable?
    I hope I learned well from your very wise suggestion. LOL Mike

  3. Good suggestion! Just stopping by to say hello as part of the A to Z Challenge :) It's been fun getting this far, but I'll be glad for an eleven month break!

  4. I think I sometimes put too much of myself into my writing. ;O)

    I’m A-Z Blogging and my “U” post is right here.

  5. My wife is definitely UNFORGETTABLE :)