Apr 10, 2012

Inclement Weather Plan

Are you scratching your head, wondering what the title of this post has to do with writing?  Good.  Keep reading; I promise it fits.

While serving in the military for more than 21 years, I was involved in my fair share of parades and ceremonies for various events, all of which took time and effort to plan well before execution.  That effort would be wasted if weather turned foul and we didn't have other arrangements already worked into the plan.  Being able to move the ceremony indoors without last minute hoop-jumping was referred to as implementing an inclement weather plan.

Do you have an inclement weather plan?

If you depend on your writing for income, it's a must.

Relying on one source to bring in the bucks with your writing isn't wise, so have a backup plan with another source or sources available if things dry up.  If you write for mainly one site or client, investigate others and toss a few pieces their way to get your foot in the door.  Even if not your first choice, it might carry you through the storm if your main source gets rained out.

If you normally write fiction, start a blog on a niche topic you're passionate about.  If you're a blogger, expand into article writing.  If you ghost write, put your name on your next project and promote it yourself.

If the roof is leaking, don't wait for it to get blown completely off before deciding it's time to take action.  If the rains continue, it will be a lot harder to find work while having to bail out your office.  Be proactive - have a few buckets in place and your roofing nails handy.


  1. Oh yes! Every writer needs an inclement weather plan. The freelance arena that existed a few years has changed significantly. New sources of income have come from these changes and old, familiar sources left or dried up for certain niches. Having a plan in place keeps income coming and forces us to be more adaptable I think.

  2. GREAT topic for I-Day, particularly post-PANDA.

  3. Good advice! Unexpected things happen all the time, so having an inclement weather plan is vitally important.

  4. You just gave birth to a panic attack! Okay...I'm okay...

    Wise words :)

    Happy A to Z!

  5. I agree...this is a great topic that I've never thought of before! Thanks!

  6. Great set of instructions. I guess we do this without thinking. However, there's alway something which catches us out. My husband's just been informed his car needs a lot of work to pass the annual inspection. Where will the money come from? Where's my inclement weather pla?


  7. Fantastic advice. I ended up having an appendectomy (totally unexpected) earlier this year and although I wasn't feeling 100 percent, I barely managed to meet my obligations. It really got me thinking I need a back up plan if something really unexpected happens.

  8. Hey, I am visiting from the A-Z Challenge and I have to say I love your blog style its so flowery and elegant. Thanks for the advice took it to heart. If your interested in poetry stop by to read some of my original poems at:

  9. Hello, Marie! I'm always hearing this advice to writers: "Don't quite your day job!" It's definitely so true. Even if you've published a novel, you should still have a back-up plan! Great post. Nice to meet you! Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

  10. There is a whole lesson for life in your post. I once heard a radio broadcast by Garrison Keeler about having a storm home - your post reminded me of that - there is comfort in a storm home and an inclement weather plan. Here is Texas especially now that it is Spring, we definitely have to have the weather plan - for any moment any time of the day. Good post.