May 26, 2013

Why I hesitated to publish on Bubblews

Photo by Laurence Simon
I've been seeing my friends post on Facebook and other social networking sites about this new place to write - Bubblews - and after a cursory glance, decided it wasn't for me.  Lots of folks are publishing nonsensical junk, much of it in broken (if even that) English, and I didn't want my name hitched to that wagon.  After hearing again and again that my friends reached payout in just a short time, however, I decided to give it another look, and I'm glad I did.

Sure, there's still a lot of junk on Bubblews, but if I write something that I'm not ashamed to attach my byline to, why should I worry about what everyone else is doing?  I'm rarely without something to say, but often what's going on in my head isn't fit for any of the other places I write for and publish, so to Bubblews it goes.  There are few restrictions on Bubblews - if you think it, you can publish it.

The requirements are simple; each post need only be 400 or more characters (that's right, characters, not words), and that's only two tweets on Twitter.  Anyone can do that, and make a buck while doing so.

If you're game to give it a try, click on any of the links in this blog post to sign up, then pop on over to Facebook and let me know that you're on board so that I can help you get started towards earning money with your very first post.

~ Marie Anne


  1. I gave it a try too. So far, so good!

  2. Marie Anne, I've certainly enjoyed reading Write, Wrong or Indifferent. Congratulations on creating such an informative, and timely, blog. Bravo zulu, Bub.