Jul 31, 2010

WWI's First Blogging Award!

I was excited to visit Pam’s blog this morning and see that she had chosen me as one of the recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks, Pam!

In order to accept this award, I have to tell seven things about myself that may not be common knowledge, and then pass the award on to other versatile bloggers.

Since my writing blog received the award, I thought my ‘about me’ should pertain to writing.

Seven Things About Marie Anne

1.  I don’t write under a pen name.  My name really is Marie Anne (although I pronounce it like Mary Anne).  Not Marie. Not Mary. 

2.  I’ve no education beyond high school (which is probably evident in my writing), although I did graduate cum laude from the school of hard knocks.  Life’s experiences can be the best teacher.

3.  I have several blogs about various topics (see sidebar) and considering one or two more.  My blogs are much like my article writing – all over the place.

4.  As an early morning person, that’s when I do most of my writing.

5.  My favorite book is still Gone With the Wind.  I read it the first time as a pre-teen in three days - all 1,064 pages of it.

6.  I didn’t like Scarlet, the sequel approved by Margaret Mitchell’s family.

7.  Unlike most writers, I’ve never entertained the thought of writing The Great American Novel. I’ve thought about venturing into fiction on a much smaller scale, perhaps flash fiction (you can read my one and only attempt at FF here).

It was a tough choice, but I picked three fellow freelance writers who, like me, blog about more than one topic, making them truly Versatile Bloggers.  Again, since WWI is my blog about writing, I've listed the writing blogs of my freelance friends.

Marilisa at Online Writer WAHM

Theresa at Writer of Blogs



  1. Congratulations on the blog award. May it be the first of many. :0)

  2. I am so glad for these blog awards because it allows me to find blogs I wasn't aware of and read more of my writer friends' work. Congrats on your award Marie Anne!

  3. First of all, congratulations on your blog award. Secondly, thank you so much for linking to my blog. That was really sweet of you.

  4. Great to know these things about you! I always liked your name because my sister's middle name is Marie and mine is Ann so that's what I think of when I see your name. :)

    Great picks here!