Aug 3, 2010

And the Winner Is ...

Tamara McRill!

Tamara is a fellow Contributor at Associated Content by Yahoo!, and I’m tickled that she won the very first giveaway here at Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

Her writing career includes print newspaper reporting, but Tamara doesn’t limit herself to news on AC. Take a peek at Tamara’s works on Associated Content and you’ll find television recaps, wedding ideas, and craft projects nestled in with her pieces on news of import.

In addition to publishing on AC, Tamara maintains more than one blog on various topics she’s interested in. Her writing blog, Tamara Writes, is off to a good start, and one I look forward to reading more of.

Tamara, as the winner of the first giveaway at WWI, you can now display Wreggie’s picture as a gadget on your blog.  As soon as you send me your address, your giveaway prize will be on the way to you.  Congratulations!


Keep an eye on WWI for more giveaways to come.


  1. Yay me - thanks Marie Anne! I've really been enjoying your blogs. :)

  2. BRAVO for Tamara! And to you, as well, for hosting a giveaway! I just found your link in the group at Sidetick, so I'm GFConnected with you now!