Aug 23, 2010

Angie's Writing Challenge

Friend and fellow writer Angie Mohr is pushing herself to write 100 articles this week and has challenged the rest of us to join in.  The writing challenge started at midnight last night and will continue through midnight next Sunday.  If you're a member of Associated Content, you can find the forum thread here.  If you write elsewhere besides AC, those articles can count too.

There is no way apart from divine intervention that I would even get half that number of articles written in a month's time much less a week, so I wasn't going to attempt the challenge at all.  Several others felt the same way, but we're still going to make a concerted effort to do the best we can, and set a goal of writing 25 articles this week.

I think my best month I only wrote 15 or so articles, so 25 articles in seven days is still a big stretch for me, and I'm not sure I can do it.  One big challenge I'm facing is severe eye strain which has caused eye pain recently.  I've seen the optometrist who diagnosed dry eye and early signs of cataracts, both of which are known to cause eye pain.  I'm having to spend less time on the computer and rest more often, which will dampen my efforts in this challenge some.

Even now with just reading my email and catching up on Facebook and Associated Content forums this morning,  I'm noticing a bit of pain and I haven't even started writing yet (except for this blog post).  I'm going to have to be careful that my zeal to make a go of this writing challenge doesn't override common sense.

It might be a bit late to get started on this writing challenge, but you can still push yourself to higher than normal goals this week.  Figure out how many articles you've pumped out on your best week and try to increase that by a significant amount.

So ... are you in?


  1. Angie is a wonderful motivator who challenges us all to do the best we can, this will definitely be a challenge for me. I am going to have a really late start (Tuesday) but hopefully I will be able to meet a Sunday night deadline. Less website work, more writing.

    Best of luck with the eye issues, computer work is hard on the eyes and your condition makes it even more so.

  2. I believe in setting yourself challenges and targets, because that is often the best way to get things done, but for me they also have to be realistic targets.

    Since I work full time, I try to manage one or maybe two articles during the day, which I have to complete over my mid morning and lunch breaks, and then either an article or more often a slideshow in the evening.

    My target is 60-65 articles a month, but 100 a week is something that I don't think I could ever manage, since with my tendency to lose focus and distract myself, even the simplest article can take over an hour, so to write 14 articles a day would require well over 14 hours.

    Now 50 a week might be possible for me, assuming I had nothing else to do.

    My other problem is quality. I don't like to publish anything unless I am satisfied with it personally, and therefore to rush an article to get it in, well it's not me.

    Some people can get it right first time, but I often have to change the wording several times before I am satisfied.

    However I keep thinking, 100 articles in a week... Assuming each of those gets an up front payment, plus payment for page views as well... that is a nice income and well worth while. At $5 each, that's $500 plus page views. Then if you write about the articles in your blogs, that could be another bonus.

    Sigh... I wish I could be so productive...

    Good Luck Angie. I hope you reach your target, and the same to everyone else who is taking part in the challenge.

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