Aug 21, 2010

Why Every Web Writer Needs Google Alerts

There are many tools of the freelance writing trade and one of my favorites for the web writer is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts will tell you when your article or blog has been indexed (meaning it shows up on a google search), where your work may be linked to on other sites, and also if someone is using your article or blog post without your permission.  Using this tool will alert you within minutes of any of those instances occurring, rather than you having to continually look for your work by doing manual searches of your own.

If your article isn't indexed, there are things you can do to help it get picked up when google crawls.  If someone has stolen your content outright without proper accreditation, or used it in violation of copyright law, there are steps you can take to get proper credit with your byline and a link to the original article, and possibly payment for usage rights.  Without knowing where your article or blog post appeared,  you won't be able to take those steps in righting a wrong. Google Alerts can help you be proactive in protecting your work.

Read more about how to set up a Google Alert.

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