Aug 31, 2010

Blogging Tips: Use Labels on Your Blog to Increase Readership

Do you understand the importance of using labels on your blog?  Adding appropriate labels to your posts can help your readers find earlier entries that they may find interesting, without having to wade through pages and pages of previously published blog posts.

Blogger defaults to archiving posts by date, but what good is that if no one knows what you wrote about last month or last year?  A label is similar to a keyword, but not in the sense that a search engine sees keywords.  Adding many labels to your blog won't help in a google search, but will help your readers find similar content on your blog that you may have written on that topic previously.

Read more about how to increase readership as well as help your audience by using labels on your blog.

(For a quick example of how labels work on a blog, click on 'Writing Tips' below this blog post to bring up all posts on this topic)

1 comment:

  1. I definitely agree.

    I set up a new Wordpress blog in July, so I could have a new place to "Share" my posts on Associated Content and other sites, but I never bothered to set up any Categories for the posts.

    Now that I have over 200 posts on there and the blog is actually taking on a life of it's own, it's time to add Categories and I have been doing this today actually.

    This article made me think, and hopefully I will see some extra traffic develop in the coming weeks as a result.