Sep 15, 2010

Blog Labels: Tag Clouds or Text list?

I explained in a previous post how using labels appropriately on your blog can help increase your readership, but what type of labels should you use?

There are two ways to organize your blog posts by labels: a tag cloud or text list.  Both serve the same purpose, but display the labels in a different way.   Some might think that a tag cloud looks somewhat clunky, but while a regular list might appear more professional, it could be quite lengthy.

For this blog, I've chosen to use a list for my labels.  You can see it in the right sidebar, titled 'Find it Fast'.

 Read more about the differences between tag clouds and lists of labels, then play with both methods on your blog to see which looks best with your particular setup.

1 comment:

  1. I have to admit I don't utilize labels on my blogs. After reading your last two posts, I can see that's a mistake.