Mar 5, 2011

Writers Helping Writers - Help for Heather

Tragedy has struck again in our little freelancing world.  Yesterday I was informed that fellow freelance writer Heather Adams lost her home to fire.  The house and all contents were destroyed, but fortunately there were no injuries because no one was at home at the time the fire occurred.

Heather has several school-aged children and is carrying another in a high-risk pregnancy.  The Red Cross has stepped up to help fill immediate personal care needs, but her family will be starting over from scratch.  I asked Heather for her PayPal email address for donations and she agreed that I could share it publicly. If you feel lead to give a little, please send PayPal to  Make sure to mark it as personal and gift so no fees are taken out.

If you'd rather send a check or money order, or perhaps a note of encouragement, please send to:  PO Box 62, Hope ND 58046.  Please don't send 'things' until she has a more permanent housing solution as I doubt there's room to store much in the hotel room they're currently occupying.  

Her family include three girls - 13, 11 and 6 - and one boy, age 9.

If you can't help financially, I'm sure Heather appreciates your continued thoughts and prayers as she gets her family back on her feet.  You can also help by reading her articles on YCN and sharing them with others.  Each page view may not amount to much on its own, but collectively, we can all help.

The outpouring of support the freelance writing community has shown for Rissa Watkins continues to amaze me, and I know Heather will be blessed as well.  Write on, writers!

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