Mar 31, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Visiting Other Blogs

Many of you have signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge that I've posted about and from scuttelbutt I'm hearing, you're as excited as I am for this thing to kick off tomorrow.  Some of you are preparing your posts ahead of time, while others will be posting off the cuff.  I'll be doing a mix of both, but probably more of the latter.

But what about visiting other blogs and supporting other challenge participants?  Do you have a set plan where you'll be visiting only certain blogs?  Will you go through the list on the host blog and pick a few here and there to click on randomly?

Since I recruited many of my peers who publish at YCN, I started a blog roll on this blog to keep them all in one place so that I can visit them each day.  I won't have time to comment on all, but I will at least take the few seconds to stop by.  Those of you wanting to use my blog as a home base to do the same of course are welcome to.

Beyond that, I plan on visiting random blogs to support other challengers.  Rather than resorting to eeny meeny miny moe, I'm using the button provided by another challenge participant that will select a random blog when I click on surprise me.   Having it on each of my own blogs will allow me to click that button when I have a few minutes to spare throughout my day without having to go back to the original blog host and load the lengthy list.  Isn't technology great?

You can see the button in the left sidebar, immediately below the green widget for the challenge.  To snatch the button for our own blog, click get the button code.

It's almost Friday.  Are you ready to rock and roll?


  1. Thanks for the button. It sure will make it easier.

  2. Sounds interesting... I have joined in... maybe this will get me interested in blogging again... I am in an all around funk right now... no crochet... no blog... blah lol Thanks for posting again about this!

  3. Very cool button. Also, signing up through networked blogs helps automate the process. Feel free to request me to follow your blog through there. I have a link at the bottom of my blog.

  4. i've been clicking the "surprise me" button already, just to get a head-start. it's how i found you.

    beautiful chaos

  5. Thanks for this, I'm going to use it. I'll also be using your blog roll as a home base.

  6. Ok...that's really cool, lol. I'll just to go your page to use this button.

  7. Cool, thanks! Gonna grab that button for all three of my participating blogs:

    Nickers and Ink - poetry
    The Mane Point - horses
    Practically at Home - home and family

    Linda Ann

  8. The random button is a great idea.

    I looked this morning and there were 865 people who said that they had joined!

    I have no idea how anyone could read that many articles in a day, let alone write any of their own as well.

  9. Is there still time to sign up for the Blogroll? Here is my blog link:

    That random idea is fantastic!

  10. I'm new at this, but I managed to get the button installed on both of mine:

    I would *never* have figured on that button code on my own. Thank you!!!

  11. I am loving this challenge mostly because I have found great blogs to read. Not too many about knitting so far, but about all my other myriad interests. Thanks again for post it on AC.