Mar 29, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Still Time to Join

Last week I posted about a blogging challenge that I ran across and put the call out to my fellow freelance writers at YCN (Yahoo Contributor Network) to come along for the ride.  I tossed it out on Facebook and in the YCN (formerly Associated  Content/AC) forum and a few of my peers signed up and blogged about it and shared on their own Facebook wall.

As of this morning, of the over 700 blogs listed on the A-Z Blogging Challenge, 49 58 of them are blogs run by my YCN peers.  I think that's a pretty good turnout for my recruiting efforts, and there are still a few days until the challenge kicks off.

The challenge starts April 1, 2011 and the rules are simple  - post on your blog every day of the week (except Sunday) during the month of April, and make the posts about something that begins with the letter of the day.  Since there are 30 days in April and four Sundays in 2011, that leaves 26 days to blog on each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.  Each post doesn't have to be Pulitzer material; if you're especially pressed for time you could post a photo or video, or perhaps a short poem.  It doesn't matter what you post, just that you make an effort to post something on a regular basis.

Whether your current blog is gathering dust or you're brand new to the whole idea of blogging -  this challenge is open to everyone.  It's not a contest and there are no right or wrong ways to participate.  The idea is to keep bloggers motivated and encourage them to post more frequently and keep their content fresh.

If you don't currently have a blog, you still have time to set one up and get in on the action.  A basic blog can be set up in minutes on blogger by following these simple instructions.

I'm keeping tabs on all YCN writer blogs by adding them to my blogroll on this blog, so make sure to let me know if you've signed up but don't see your blog on my list.  For now it will be at the bottom of the left sidebar, but I'll move it to a more prominent position at the top when the challenge gets underway.  Each listing will show the latest post on that blog, so come back each day to see what your fellow freelancers have to say - from A to Z.

Are you ready to rock?


  1. Rock on Marie...but what do you mean by *just* a "short poem* ... ahem.

    I don't spend long on mine when I write them but I know some who do.
    (not offended)

    But alas it's not a poetry week I don't think much practical stuff on the mind.

    Will be nice to see some blogs reactivated with the contest. I saw some good ones gathering dust. Have a great day.

  2. I decided to join your A-Z blog posting for April.

  3. That's awesome that so many YCN writers have joined the challenge! I'll be cruising your blog roll in April to keep up with what everyone is posting.

  4. This sounds like fun. I will see if my sanity, uh, memory will get me through all the letters.


  5. Hi Marie! - It's funny I came across this - I was going off of the main A-Z site to find a few random people to follow, and came here - Your post now seems so fitting. Good luck on the challenge! (I'm just winging it myself, so we'll see what comes out. By the time I get to Q, I'll just be making words up. Oh well, good times!)

  6. I had to use the snow shovel to get through all the dust piled up on my blog, but it's all cleaned up and ready for the challenge! Thanks for the motivation.