Apr 30, 2011

Equally Yolked

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Another pet peeve, although this one I don't see too often, is misuse of the words yoke and yolk.

Double Yolk = Yoked?
A yoke is something put around the neck of oxen or other beasts of burden when they are hitched to a plow or wagon.  The term equally yoked is used in another sense to say that a Christian's mate should also be a believer, so as not to work against each other.

A yolk is the yellow or orange part inside of an egg, used to feed the developing embryo if the egg has been fertilized (and fertilized or not, can also feed us).

Some yokels might say they broke the yoke when fixing breakfast, but unless they were using the yoke as a spatula, that's misuse of the word, as it should be yolk.

Yoke = oxen
Yolk = chicken (and people) feed

I suppose if you'd been egged, you could get away with saying you'd been yolked.

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  1. Will do the May challenge as well, this is going to be tough :)

  2. I can see where this could be a problem, yet I've never seen it misused. Now that I've said that, I probably will see it everywhere!! LOL

  3. You "spolk" with real conviction here. Well done.

  4. That was funny. Were you trying to make a yolk? LOL :)