May 22, 2011


GBE 2 is up and running! Click to learn about the Group Blogging Experience, then jump on the train and enjoy the ride!

Beth has chosen the topic EXPECTATIONS for week one. It doesn’t matter the theme of your blog, just somehow tie in the word EXPECTATIONS into one of your blog posts this week and add your URL to the linky tool below so that others can find your post for this week’s topic. You have until Saturday, May 28 to get in on this week’s blog hop, then Beth will post a topic on Sunday evening for week two.

Please make sure to post the URL of the specific blog post, not the URL of your main blog page.

If you want to add the list of bloggers to your own blog post, feel free to snatch it by clicking the words ‘get the code here’ at the bottom of this post. No matter which blog list you sign up on, it will appear on each of the blogs where the blogger grabbed this code.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your keyboards!


  1. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Relax and Surf Sunday Hop. Would love it if you would visit and 'like' my page: or follow my blog:

  2. You always have the greatest tips! Signing on to follow and participate. Thanks for passing this along. :)

  3. Hope I can keep up. Am writing my "D" article right now and have my flash fiction to do for Monday plus the daily ZtoA. Fingers crossed!

  4. This Group Blogging Experience comes at such a good time, especially with this week's topic because I forgot to blog today (I have to blog everyday this month) and when I realized it like 32 minutes ago, I worried if I could get something done in such a little bit of time. I had no idea what to write about but the topic for Week 1 gave me quite a few ideas instantly and I was able to get one in before midnight, so thanks for running this new project!

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