May 1, 2011

Kicking Off Z to A in May

With today being Sunday, Z to A in May will officially kick off tomorrow, but I wanted to toss out some info before we get started.  I'll be posting on my local blog - Ross County Roundup -for the May challenge, but I will use this writing blog to host the event as well as post updates and any helpful tips, etc.

If you are signed up for Z to A in May, please follow and/or subscribe to this blog so that you won't miss any information I might have to pass on.  I want to keep my local blog on topic and don't expect anyone to follow that blog about an area that doesn't interest them.

Note: I'm undecided about making a blog roll for this challenge, but you can see the list of other participants to support on the original sign-up list here.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

What Day is Today?

Since we're doing the alphabet backwards, it may be more difficult to figure out which letter is next.   Pull out your wall calendar and write the letter A on May 31, then B on May 30, and continue until you get back to Z on May 2 - but remember not to include a letter on Sundays. If you did it correctly, you should see the Letter Z on Monday, May 2 and the Letter A on Tuesday, May 31, with a letter on each other day Monday-Saturday.

Think Backwards

Most of us will wait until the day a post is due before thinking of a good topic to fit that particular letter..  That's fine, but as you go about your daily routine and think of a random blog post you'd like to share, think of what letter it would be good for and write it down.  Instead of concentrating on just the letter of the day, come up with interesting posts then match them to the appropriate day, instead of the reverse.  You may find a particular topic can be re-worked to fit a letter you might not otherwise have thought of.

Scheduling Blog Posts

If you have a great idea for a post but that letter isn't due yet, go ahead and write it now, then schedule it to post at the appropriate time.  Scheduling blog posts is also handy if you block out times in your schedule to devote to writing before life gets in the way.  Write several posts during your best writing time, then have them go live on the day that letter is due.  I'm not familiar with how wordpress and other blog host platforms work, but scheduling blog posts on blogger is very simple to do.  You can find the instructions in my post here.

That's enough for today, but remember to keep an eye on this blog for further information as the month progresses.  Are you ready to go?

I’m sponsoring Z to A in May, a blogging challenge where participants will make a blog post every day in May (except Sunday) for each letter of the alphabet, starting with Z and ending with A on the last day of the month. Feel free to join us or show your support!


  1. I won't be participating (officially...hmmm...THAT sounds LIKE me, anyway)...but I'll be promoting this on my blog and sharing peeps scattered throughout the month who are. Thanks for another great Challenge and YAY, May is going to ROCK :)

    Also, thanks for the tips for all who will participate. I love having all the t's and i's dotted and crossed, you know what I mean :)

    Cheers :)

  2. I'll be sitting this one out as well though I will be concentrating on my other blogs and screenplays and showing my support. Have fun!

  3. Where will we be posting our links to publish our progress? Here or in the FB group? Or?????

  4. Can't wait to get started! Unfortunately, I cannot schedule blog posts on my domains. However, I can save them as drafts and then come in and hit publish when I want to. That could be another option for others who don't have post scheduling.

  5. For the A-Z I mostly tried to write one day ahead and schedule the post to go live at its proper time. I'm hoping to stay on top of it as we work our way back, too.

    Thanks for doing this! :O)

  6. Sweet mercy, where do you get your energy?!? I likely won't be rolling with you on this one, but will definitely be coming by to follow. Good luck!

  7. I hope, I can keep up with the challenge.Started with Z today.

  8. I'd love the A-Z challenged you did, Il'' work it out on my blog. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge.

  9. What a great way for the bloggers still high on the A to Z energy to keep the fire burning. So many people wanted to see the Challenge keep going and you've made a way for that to happen. Good luck to all. If I didn't have so much going on in May I'd be here with you.

    Tossing It Out