May 2, 2011

New Tool for Z to A in May Bloggers

Z to A in May is underway!  With things rolling out today, I have a new tool to share with you that will help you support your fellow bloggers in the challenge if you don't have time to visit everyone on the list.

Many of you used the button on the A-Z Blogging Challenge last month that allowed you to visit either the next or a random blog.  I asked the person who created the code for that button and he was nice enough to create one for our challenge too.  Yay for Marcus!

Here's what the button looks like:

Get the button code

For my blog, I placed the code in the same widget and directly beneath the photo for Z to A in May (you can see how it looks on my other blog that I'm doing the challenge with).  Click 'Get the button code' above to grab it to put on your own blog.

Big thanks go out to Marcus for doing this for us.  You rock!

I’m sponsoring Z to A in May, a blogging challenge where participants will make a blog post every day in May (except Sunday) for each letter of the alphabet, starting with Z and ending with A on the last day of the month. Feel free to join us or show your support!


  1. Great...I'll paste this into my blog after supper in case anyone visiting my blog through Google or other subscriptions wants to check out more of the challenge.

  2. I missed seeing that "next blog" button somehow last month until right near the end! Oops...