Jun 18, 2011

End of My First Weekly Challenge - How Did I Do?

I challenged myself to earn at least $60 by writing four or more articles this week.  Did I make it? You betcha!

I wrote and submitted five targeted assignment articles for $10 each and they were all published either the same day or the next morning. I submitted a beat assignment article this morning for $8, making six articles written this week.  I'm counting that as earnings for this week since I did the work during this challenge.

I also wrote two blog posts for $15 each.

$10 x 5 = $50
$8 x 1 = $8
$15 x 2 = $30

Total earnings this week = $88

Many of you can write and earn more than that in a day, but it was a real accomplishment for me.  It helped that I received a number of targeted assignments on similar topics that I could do fairly easily, but unfortunately, that's not likely to be consistent.

I'm going to ponder another challenge for this week and will likely post about that tomorrow.


  1. I admire your efforts. This is a worthwhile challenge for sure.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Well done! You should teach all of us how to do this :)

  3. Good going :) I keep looking for ways in which I can earn without having to keep writing articles all the time, but it's very hard. My portfolio of articles, photographs etc is growing gradually though, and the money is coming in, slowly and steadily.