Jul 21, 2011

Summer Writing Slump? Get a Head Start on Holiday Writing

If you're an article writer, you may experience a downward turn in the amount of hits you get on your content during summer.  Kids are out of school and families are occupied doing other things - vacations, staycations, or just spending more time outside gardening or in the pool - so their butt isn't planted in the chair searching the internet.

Don't let the numbers get you down, rather, get ahead of the game by using this time to get your holiday content written and indexed.  Even with record high temps in mid-July, people are already searching for Halloween costume and decorating ideas!

Make a list of upcoming holidays and brainstorm topics to write about each of them.  List all ideas no matter how corny they may seem and tweak them as you go along.  You never know what silliness might trigger more creative ideas, so don't discount anything at this point.

My crochet blog is already getting hits for folks searching for free Halloween patterns, and I'm grabbing that opportunity by the horns.  I've just posted an entry asking for my readers to share their favorite Halloween crochet patterns and link to it on my blog.  I'll get free pattern links to use as fodder for an article while sharing a bit of exposure for my faithful readers.  If any of them bookmark the post to refer to later, that increases my readership even further.  Win-win for all.

Don't let the dog days of summer get you down.  Think Christmas in July!


  1. GREAT ideas! I'm not in a slump right now, just overkill with everything I have to attend to, but it was so refreshing to read this blog, because the horrendous heat outside makes winter look so inviting.

  2. Smart! Planning ahead puts you at the front on the line!

  3. Excellent advice, and you can even schedule the posts if you want, so that they pop out daily at the set time, or leave them in draft so you can add the final touches before publishing in necessary.

  4. I've been thinking about finishing some Halloween articles I started last year, but with all the glitches at AC/YCN, I just don't know.

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  6. You are correct. One must stay ahead of the game in order to be timely when the time comes.

    Tossing It Out