Mar 4, 2012

TopicSpotter: Newest Online Writing Site

TopicSpotter is the newest  online writing site to hit the internet, just opening their cyber doors the first week of March 2012.  Since it's so new, there's almost no information out there to attest to its credibility or whether it might be a scam.

Articles published on TopicSpotter earn through revenue sharing, but rather than sharing a portion of total revenue, ads from the writer's google adsense and amazon accounts will be displayed on their articles 70% of the time.  If your ad is displayed on your article and someone clicks, you will get 100% of the earnings from that click through.

In addition to revenue sharing from the articles you publish, you can also earn through referrals.  If someone signs up with TopicSpotter through your referral link, you will earn 25% of what they earn through their own revenue share.  You can imbed your referral link in your articles, and the site has handy buttons where you can share it on facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and many other sites with just one click.

Will TopicSpotter survive?  Hard to say, but if you're looking to expand your online writing portfolio, I think it's worth a look.


  1. Interesting post. I know there's money to be made through ads and page views, but I just have a hard time submitting something without upfront payment.

  2. I think I will wait until we get more writer feedback on this one before rushing to sign up. Thanks for the overview though, Marie Anne.